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mountune powered Dirt 4 set for release

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Have you ever wanted to drive a 310bhp mountune powered SuperCar Lite? Well now's your chance!

After last year's successful Dirt Rally, Codemasters are aiming to take "the passion and authenticity of off-road racing to the next level" with their latest creation, Dirt 4. A headline addition new to Dirt 4 is 'Your Stage', in which you choose a location and tweak a few parameters, and the game generates a unique rally stage according to your request. You can then race your new track, share it with your friends and challenge them to beat your time.

Since the introduction of the Rallycross entry level, Supercar Lites in 2013, mountune Racing has built and supplied naturally aspirated 2.4-litres de-stoked units for the complete Lites grid and continues to offer both engine and track support globally for each round. Dirt 4 incorporates this Lites car and lets you race one for yourself - and we can't wait to get behind the wheel!

Dirt4 will be available June 9th 2017 across a selection of gaming platforms.
YouTube celebrity and supercar enthusiast Tim Burton, rolled his Focus RS into the mountune workshop last week for its first upgrade. Known as Shmee150 to his millions of online fans, he was keen to see how mountune could upgrade his RS, and after weighing up the options offered, he decided on our warranted FPM375 Power Kit.

Camera in hand, Burton filmed and narrated as the induction kit, crossover duct, re-circulation valve and ECU calibration were fitted before taking it back out on the road, and the grin on his face during the drive summed it up. Describing the difference as “fascinating”, Burton said he could “feel that it's faster immediately”, before adding “You have more of that push back in the seat feel – and that is how you make a cool car, even cooler.”

Already a devotee of the 2016 Focus RS, Burton commented on the increased induction noise, quicker acceleration and improved torque since fitting the Ford approved mountune power upgrade kit, and with a selection of warranted performance parts also available, he considered his next move. “What more could you want?", he asked, “I‘m a big fan of the Focus RS, I love driving it, and now I feel like I love driving it even more,” he added in his video.

Burton was equally as impressed with his tour of mountune HQ – inspecting the engines being built by the racing team and admiring the red and gold Alan Mann Racing MK1 Escort. Spotting the GT40's in the workshop he commented that “you don’t realise how special those are”, and got excited for his incoming new generation Ford GT.

A drive in mountune's own Mk3 RS with the full M380 Power Upgrade Kit, Axle-Back Exhaust System and mountune wheels did even more to win him over. “It's like an addiction,” he says, giving the accelerator a little stab through a tunnel. “It’s a no-brainer really, to come down to mountune. A perfect car made even more perfect with the mountune kit.”

Blown away by the service in the mountune HQ Workshop, Shmee commented that the upgrades are “definitely worth doing”, and smiled in the knowledge that his drive back to London that day would be far more enjoyable after his mountune experience.

How long until Burton is back for the catalogue of additional warranted RS upgrades? Watch this space!


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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton recently had the opportunity to check out the home-grown mountune powered BAC Mono at the University of Manchester.  The latest Mono was being showcased at the university's National Graphene Institute and is the first car in the world to use graphene in its production process, featuring the lightweight material in the rear wheel arches. BAC claims that the graphene it uses is significantly lighter and stronger than carbon fiber and has 200 times the strength of steel.

While many carmakers source components from countries where labour is cheap, 95 per cent of the Mono's parts come from suppliers in the United Kingdom, including their 2.5L Duratec engine built by the Racing Team at mountune HQ in Essex, UK, which is fitted as standard to the BAC Mono. 

Prince William seemed more than impressed with the model, even slipping into the narrow cockpit for a photo opportunity.  According to BAC co-founder and director of product development Neill Briggs, “It was truly an honour to meet Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and a particular privilege to seat Prince William inside the Mono. We are incredibly proud to be British, and to meet members of the Royal Family was a surreal experience that just shows how far this company has come.” 

mountune keeping it mysterious...

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Check out the link below where Top Gear speculate about the mountune power upgrade kit for the Mk3 RS.  They seem just as excited as you guys, with good reason...

The first phase of mountune RS upgrades including air filter, boost hoses, Quaife ATB and exclusive OZ Leggara wheel's are now available to buy directly from and

'How To' Bolt-On Power for Your Focus ST

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The USA's renowned HotRod Network has released an online 'How To' article based on upgrading your Focus ST, and in search of more power, the guys there decided to include several mountune high performance products for that little something extra.  Check it out...

Auto EXPRESS review the MR230

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AutoExpress are the latest to test drive the mountune MR230 kit and were blown away by the increased power that the kit offers the favourite hot hatch awarding the MR230 4-stars.

Here’s what the guys had to say: “On the road the ST MR230 is quick - very quick, in fact.  It’ll sprint from 0-60mph in just 5.9 seconds"

"The in-gear acceleration is simply mind blowing"

"The turbo seems perfectly tuned and constantly on boost”, which is partly due to the cam timing adjustment that only mountune make to optimise the OE turbocharger performance - glad AE noticed!

To read the full article, click here

EVO Five-stars for MR230

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Pics: EVO Magazine

They say good things come in three’s and the latest review by Evo Magazine is no exception to that rule.

After receiving a noteworthy 5 stars for both our mk2 Focus RS MR375 kit, and more recently our mk7 Fiesta ST MP215, we’ve scored a hat-trick with a third impressive 5* review for our latest Mk7 Fiesta ST MR230 offering in the latest issue of the magazine.

After thrashing the car around various British B roads, the test team at Evo were blown away with the contrast between the standard 1.6-litre Ford favourite and the mountune version, and were in awe of both the strength and relentlessness of the upgraded engine.

The MR230 power upgrade kit, which was released in 2015, comprises of a selection of mountune performance parts including a custom aluminium high-flow airbox, high–flow panel air filter, charge pipe, intercooler and 3” downpipe with a 200 cell sports catalyst with 2.5” cat-back exhaust system.

EVO says:
"you can march along on a wave of torque when buzzing Caymans and M3s can wait another day."

"The MR230 works across all levels, retaining the usability of the standard car."

"the Fiesta will fly along at a sports car-baiting pace."

The full MR230 upgrade kit is priced from £2295 inc. VAT, or if you already have the MP215 kit, from £1995 inc. VAT as an upgrade. Also available as an mTune only upgrade for those with all required hardware already. Available via, or via any EU-based mountune Ford Pro-Dealer.

Also available in the USA for $2949 from

See the full review on the EVO Magazine website.

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