Focus RS:
A year on

Just over a year ago mountune's Mk3 Focus RS journey began, launching the first of three phases of performance parts and upgrades for one of the most eagerly awaited RS models of all time.

An extensive development program proceeded the phased launches, with early access to development mules, and ECU modules, as ever, working alongside the base RS vehicle engineers from Ford Performance.

The initial phase concentrated on easy bolt-on parts to help with the potent 2.3-litre EcoBoost's engines breathing, a Quaife ATB differential to help improve traction and drivability plus, a bespoke ultra lightweight OZ HLT wheel option for those wanting to personalise the look of their RS and save over 10kg in weight, versus an OE wheel set.

Phase 1 Focus RS launch video

Whilst busily working away in the background to achieve full endorsement on the now, much heralded FPM375 upgrade, ten's of thousands of miles were accumulated on-road during the development phase, subjecting both power upgrade kits and a host of performance parts to a battery of tests, ensuring the ultimate in both performance and reliability.

The second phase included a high-flow cast induction kit, charge pipe, intercooler an uprated gearbox option and our defacto sound supressor (SSC), which prevents excessive induction whistle / NVH on vehicles exhibiting this issue.

Phase 2 Focus RS launch video

We unarguably saved the best until last with the phase 3 reveal of our performance brake discs, lightweight axle-back exhaust system... but it was the addition of the Ford-endorsed FPM375 together with our M380 mTune version, which nearly broke our small corner of the internet.

In addition to the extensive on-road mileage accumulation, the FPM375 underwent a gruelling engine dyno durability cycle before being endorsed by Ford, the same testing required to be undertaken by the 350PS base vehicle.

This validation was the equivalent to over 150,000 miles of gruelling load and acceleration sweeps to mimic real-world use, proving beyond doubt that the mountune Ford Performance FPM375 upgrade is the most thoroughly tested and reliable offering available globally for the Focus RS.

Phase 3 Focus RS launch video

Over 24-months of continuous development, 100,000's of mileage were accumulated and almost 50 products are now available for the Focus RS - six of which being fully endorsed by Ford, allowing installation throughout the mountune UK Ford dealer network without invalidating base vehicle warranty.

... But we're not anywhere near finished with the RS just yet, as you can see from both our SS17 teaser below and with what we'll be launching over the coming months!

On dyno, on road
and on track...
mountune delivers the
ultimate in reliable

Pre-production Focus RS equipped with the FPM375 upgrade during durability sign-off at the Nürburgring

So, what's next?

Clockwise from top left: Cast Inlet Plenum | Sport Spring Kit | Rear Intake Kit | Niresist Big-Turbo Adaptor | Oil Control System